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Algorithmically optimize to CPA/ PPE goals: Yes
Live campaign analytics: Yes
Select from 3rd party audience networks: Yes
Select from 3rd party data tools: Yes
Real time audience optimization: Yes
Deterministic ROI attribution: Yes
3rd party attribution options for validity: Yes
Upload your own influencers: Yes
Manage perk inventory: Yes
Automated package fulfillment to influencers: Yes
# of influencers in network: 134,000+
Mobile/ Watch apps for notifying influencers of tasks: Yes
Pricing: Pay Per Engagement
Social networks connected: FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
Target influence by audience location: Yes
Sway powers the worlds largest marketplace to buy and sell influencer marketing programmatically. Unlike pay per click or banner advertising, Sway leverages the cult followings of local influencers to gain attention in a massive way. We like to think of these influencers as micro celebrities due to the fact that they command the attention of others no matter the medium, geography, channel, social network, or ad unit they use to share their voice. We specialize in providing real time high frequency software to automate influencer marketing on the fly.

A Sway is a real time/ algorithmically driven derivative of Influencer Marketing much like the programmatic revolution known as Real Time Bidding. A traditional influencer marketing scenario progresses through parties in this fashion:
Influencer Agency
Social Network

While a Sway can have an infinite number of influencers being driven using algorithms to manage stats, payments, fraud, brand safety, and common human errors:
Demand Platform (Algorithms to target influencers efficiently based on their quality at any given time)
Exchange (Algorithms to manage supply & demand)
Supply Side Platform (Algorithms to monetize influencers efficiently and infrastructure that aggregates influencer agency supply)
Social Network

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People trust the opinions of local icons & friends over any type of ad unit. Sway is today's only way to buy that type of influence in a programmatic fashion ~ MrProvider.com
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